Council to trial a method to help electric car charging

(Image of purpose-built cable channel laid in the footway)

Do you have an electric vehicle that is parked in the road and that is a challenge to charge?

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) are taking part in a pilot scheme to trial new technology for electric vehicle users who want to charge at home but do not have off-street parking.

The Council is well aware that there are lots of homes in Central Bedfordshire that do not have their own off-street parking. This makes it difficult to charge an electric vehicle at home and installing a charge point is often feasible, however, running a cable from the charge point to the car can be tricky as trailing cables create a hazard. 

To find a solution to the problem, the Council is taking part in a pilot scheme where a purpose-built cable channel is laid in the footway. A brush similar to those in letterboxes keeps the cable in place when in use. The channel has been developed by a company called ODS, using funding from the government and Innovate UK.

CBC will be one of the first local authorities in the country to test it on the highway.

If you have an electric vehicle that you park on the road outside your property, they would like to talk to you. They will meet the costs of installing the cable channel for the first 20 locations that are suitable and in return, ask for a report on how you have found it to use.*

If the channel is a success, they anticipate extending the solution to all eligible residents in Central Bedfordshire.

Anyone interested in learning more and taking part, should email

*Priority will be given to existing rather than prospective owners or users of electric vehicles who park outside their property on roads without grass verges.