Petition to Save Gliding Club Cafe

A petition has been started in relation to the people who run the Cafe at the Dunstable Gliding Club. Their cafe at Ivinghoe is under threat and they need public support. At the time of writing, almost 1500 have signed.

Keep Curiositea Cafe Open

Catharine Shuttleworth, wrote, “This cafe has brought so much community spirit to our village and so many people use this to meet up, chat, eat, and most importantly have somewhere to take your kids. Sven and Hayley have worked so hard over 8 years bringing local employment to 23 people, delivering food packages to hundreds of children during covid, supporting local sports clubs and individuals, winning 2 awards for the service they provide. I believe the trustees have lined up another cafe person which quite frankly seems suspicious and no reason given by trustees for their decision, they have been conspicuous by their lack of presence or communication. If this is a charity run/supported property then there should be transparency on the school hub website which there is not-please support IVNINGHOE TEA ROOMS-”

Jean Sheath wrote, “These trustees should stop bullying people , it’s disgusting. These tea rooms provide a much needed meeting place for some people and for some it’s the only interaction they get with people.
It makes you wonder what they intend to do with them afterwards, does a friend of a friend need premises ?”

Jane Oliver wrote, “This cafe brings me to Ivinghoe on my walks. A lovely place.”

Tania Amado Fish wrote, “Such a lovely cafe and community hub. The couple who run this tea room are a real asset to the Village and have done so much for families in need over the Pandemic. Very happy to see them branching out into Dunstable now too. Always a pleasure visiting your establishment!!”