Quadrant car park: Your Questions Answered

At the privately-owned Quadrant car park in Dunstable, a new pay on exit system was introduced in May. 

The Quadrant advised on its Facebook Page, “Please be aware that as of 8am on Wednesday 12th May a new Pay on Exit parking system is in place at The Quadrant. Your car will be photographed on entry and you simply enter your registration into the machine on exit and pay the amount requested.
The car park pay machines accept card payments or via the NCP app, giving you reduced parking.”  

The news prompted a flurry of comments and queries from Dunstable News Desk readers on our Facebook Page. 

Dave Barratt wrote, “Too complicated. I’ll go somewhere else.” and, “  and they wonder why Dunstable is struggling.”

Alex Monaghan, “... after lockdown you would think they would encourage people by offering free parking…”

Samantha Chisman wondered, “are the car park machines going to give change?”

Tony Ash was concerned, “that disabled drivers have to pay too”.

Peter Herbert thought, “You are making it very hard for older people to be able to come shopping.”

We put some of our readers queries to the Quadrant PR company who in turn obtained from the manager responsible for The Quadrant car park, the following answers:

Why do you not offer free disabled parking?

“In most of our car parks, Blue Badge holders are required to pay the standard charges as advertised in the car park. However, there are 13 designated spaces reserved for Blue Badge customers only, which are purposely positioned at convenient access points to and from the car park. Customers can also pre-book a disabled parking space via our website or using our ParkPass app. ParkPass allows you to ‘auto pay’, therefore not having to visit the pay stations at all, by linking a payment card to the app. Payment will then automatically be taken on exit from the car park.”

If customers enter the car park, but do not park, do they still have to pay?

“No, our cameras pick up their registration plate when they enter the car park, so if they don’t park in a space, they will not be asked to pay.”

If payment by cash isn’t an option, why not?

“We withdrew the option to pay by cash at most of our sites at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we didn’t want to put our car park employees at risk by asking them to handle cash. Customers visiting the car park can either pre-book a space, use the ParkPass app or pay on the day using a credit or debit card.”

Current charges at the Quadrant (May 2021):