Creasey Park’s new artificial turf pitch ready for action

  • Creasey Park Community Football Centre has opened a new full-size artificial turf pitch (ATP) after investing £1.1m of funding from the Housing Infrastructure Fund. This ATP installation was initiated and managed by Central Bedfordshire Council in partnership with Dunstable Town Council.

The new ATP at Dunstable’s Creasey Park Community Football Centre has been built primarily for activities such as football and hockey. It is also in the process of becoming fully FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) and FIH (International Hockey Federation) accredited. The new ATP is the latest in 3rd generation design and features a new Intelligent Play System as well as environmental improvements such as LED floodlights.

The pitch adds to Creasey Park’s existing facilities that include a licensed clubhouse, another full-size ATP, a stadium grass pitch and seven youth to adult grass pitches, as well as a state-of-the-art irrigation system, including automated and pop-up sprinklers.

Cllr Tracey Stock, Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Communities said, “It’s fantastic to see the ongoing developments taking place at Creasey Park. The investment being made here will ensure that the whole community has the use of a top-class sporting facility. I’m sure it will provide a huge incentive to encourage outdoor activities as we all emerge from the impact of COVID-19.”

Cllr Jones, Chairman of the Grounds and Environmental Services Committee, Dunstable Town Council, said: “I am really pleased to see the continual investment being made into Creasey Park by both Central Bedfordshire Council and the Town Council.  Creasey Park is a fantastic facility for our community and wider football teams and this new ATP will provide further opportunities for teams to come together.”

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