No Discount For Previous Users Of 2G Pitch near Dog Kennel Path

  • Creasey Park is now possess a shiny new ATP (Artificial Turf Pitch) which was due to take bookings in line with Tier 4 requirements before lockdown hit. A Labour councillor, Matt Brennan, has asked for discounts for previous users of the 2G pitch near Dog Kennel Path.

Whereas Dunstable users had the  free pitch near Go Bowling, Central Bedfordshire Council has replaced it with a new one at Creasey Park with a policy from Dunstable Town Council that means that users have to be charged to use it.

Creasey Park’s pitches have been going through closures due to the pandemic which has had an impact on revenue.  The new pitch should be ready to go as soon as lockdown is lifted, according to a source.

As part of the budget review of Dunstable Town Council's Grounds and Environmental Services department for 2021/2022, Cllr Brennan asked whether or not it would be possible for the council to set some form of discounted rates. The discounted rates could have been applied to compensate residents who previously freely used the 2G* pitch by GO Bowling, since closed by CBC. and replaced with the new ATP**. 

Cllr Brennan writes on his Labour Party blog, "I was told 'no' by Town Clerk and Chief Executive, David Ashlee."

Bookings for Dunstable Town Council's brand new ATP at Creasey Park are currently being taken for teams and clubs, although COVID-19 restrictions may apply.  We understand that the standard price is £25.80 per hour for a quarter pitch and there are levels of discount, the lowest possible price being £15:50 for a quarter of a pitch for an hour. If you would like more information and details on pricing please e-mail 

* 2G Pitch: Second Generation (2G) synthetic surfaces consist of two elements: synthetic turf and infill. They are typically between 13mm-24mm in pile height. These surfaces are either sand-dressed or sand-filled. Whilst older style sand-filled pitches are still available, newer partially sand-dressed systems have become more popular in recent years. 2G pitches are perfect for hockey, tennis and recreational football. They are often installed with a shock absorbent pad to meet a certain performance and testing criteria (source).

** ATP: ATP stands for artificial turf pitch. At Creasey Park they have one to 3G standard. 3G stands for a Third Generation synthetic surface which consists of three elements; synthetic turf, sand infill and rubber infill. These surfaces are typically between 35mm-65mm in pile height. Primary sports played on these types of surfaces are Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Lacrosse and American Football. This combination of materials is sometimes installed with a shock absorbent pad to meet certain performance and testing criteria such as BS-EN, FIFA, World Rugby and RFL. (source)

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