West Street: St Mary’s Church Could Be Surrounded by New Apartments

Planning News - CB/20/01270/FULL 

A detailed planning application for the residential development on land at St Mary’s Church, West Street, Dunstable has been submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council  (CBC) for consideration.

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church is at 82 West Street, Dunstable, LU6 1NY. The application includes the demolition of an underutilised presbytery building to enable the construction of a block of flats. In all, 10 units are proposed, three of which would be affordable, and all to be sited along the western boundary of the site.

Associated car parking and landscaping is included but this would remove an amenity ground and 9 original parking spaces. The plan includes 22 car parking spaces for the 10 x 2 bed apartments to meet with the CBCs design standards.

The site entrance would continue to be off West Street for the church as well as the apartments.

The site along with sections of Prince’s Street and Burr Street was proposed to be added to the conservation area according to the Design and Access statement.

There would continue to be many slight views of the Grade 2 windmill remaining through and from the site. The windmill is not within the development site.


Dunstable Town Council have already considered this application and had no objections. CBC's officers have had a look at the plans and submitted a number of comments which can all be found in greater detail within the deposited documents on the CBC planning portal.

Sustainable Growth Officer: Objects until applicant complies with South Bedfordshire Local Plan Policy BE8: Design and Environmental Standards to save energy, save water, and use of renewable resources.

SuDS Engineer: Objects until drainage details are provided and points out that the site is flood zone 1 at significant risk of surface water flooding and sewer exceedance.

Technical & Specialist Team Leader: "over development of the site."

Principal Highways Officer: wants a wider junction onto West Street.

Archaeologist: archaeological information is needed to be supplied.

Heritage and Archaeological Assessment = This document itself will be of fascinating passing interest to any Dunstable history buff in its own right, quite apart from its inclusion within the detailed plans for the whole application. This can be downloaded directly to read from this link

Interesting History Fact

"The name Dunstable is mentioned in 1123 to mean ‘boundary post of a man called Dun(n)a’." - Mills A.D. A Dictionary of British Place Names, Oxford University Press, 2011

Full details

Full details of the application can be found at the CBC planning portal and search for CB/20/01270/FULL or jump directly to the details at this link. Dunstable Preserving the Past for the Future group is a Facebook group that discusses planning matters.
Public comments on the application can be emailed to planning@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk quoting the application number 20/01270//FULL.

3D visualisations ©David Coles Architects
Source:CBC Planning Pages

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