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Judgement Day For Café Masala as Illegal Workers Are Discovered

Café Masala, of Eaton Bray, faces the loss of its alcohol licence tomorrow (Thursday). When Immigration Enforcement Alcohol Licensing Team visited the premises in April one person tried to leave the premises by trying to climb out of a window; a male was subsequently found hiding in the female toilets. A report to the Licensing Committee says that the owner, Mr Uddin, was asked for paperwork relating to his staff and in due course came to open a drawer containing money. Mr Uddin tried to quickly shut the drawer. Mr Uddin was asked what the money was for and should it not be in the bank. Mr Uddin said it is the money from the business which he has not cashed as he will need to pay the illegal staff by cash. Mr Uddin admitted to employing four people who he knew to be illegally in the UK. Payslips were seen for the remaining staff. Home Office Immigration Enforcement visited the premises on 5 April 2019. The current licence authorises sales of alcohol on the premises Monday

New Parking Strategy approved for Central Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire Council’s Executive has today (Tuesday, 20 August) approved the decision to adopt a revised parking strategy. The strategy has been informed by a public consultation and aims to manage parking in Central Bedfordshire by supporting local businesses and allowing town centres to thrive, whilst also encouraging the use of sustainable transport options. Executive - Tue, 20th Aug 2019 - 9:30 am - Central Bedfordshire Council Webcasting Parking is a real issue for lots of residents, everyone wants accessible parking as most people use or have access to a car, but often space is limited, and inconsiderate parking can cause road safety concerns. To focus on how it can best support the management of parking, the council has set out nine key objectives. These focus on road safety, making Central Bedfordshire and its town centres as accessible to residents, businesses and visitors as possible, ensuring growth and prosperity and parking scheme management. On

Ward Councillor Grant Scheme for Community Groups

Central Bedfordshire is investing £700k in new grant schemes this year, designed to support local groups to meet the needs of their communities. At today’s Executive meeting (20 August 2019) two new schemes were approved and the plans to launch a third were endorsed. Executive - Tue, 20th Aug 2019 - 9:30 am - Central Bedfordshire Council Webcasting The new Ward Councillor Grant Scheme will enable each of the 59 Central Bedfordshire Councillors to work with groups in their areas to explore how relatively small amounts of grant funding could make a difference. Whether the groups are involved in cultural, environmental, sporting or social projects, they will be able to apply, provided they can match fund the grant they are seeking by alternative means to council funding. Each Central Bedfordshire Councillor will have access to £2,000 which they can either support allocating in small grants to multiple organisations, or see the money allocated in its entirety to a singl

Totternhoe Lime Works Investigated Following Petition

A petition signed by 253 petitioners concerning waste processing at Totternhoe Lime Works was discussed at an Executive Committee of Central Bedfordshire Council in June. The draft minutes of the meeting, due to be presented on 20 August say the company was operating lawfully.  "Councillor  Spicer  presented  a  petition,  on behalf of the lead petitioner,  about  public health  concerns  due to  recycling  operations  in  Totternhoe.    The  petition  contained  253 signatures.    Councillor  Spicer  explained  that  residents  were  concerned  about  the volumes  of  plasterboard  and  the  extraction  of  gypsum  taking  place  at  the  Lime  Works in  Totternhoe.    There  were  deliveries  from  foreign  number-plated  heavy  vehicles  with containers  arriving  daily.    There  was  also  concern  that  this  material  was  being  sourced from  outside  of  the  controls  of  the  European  Union  and  finding  its  way  into  the  waste processed in Totternhoe. T