Dunstable and CBC's New Councillors

Voters across Central Bedfordshire have elected a new council made up of 41 Conservative councillors, 13 Independents, three Liberal Democrats, one Labour councillor and one UK Independence Party councillor. 

The previous CBC administration was made up of 52 Conservatives, four Independent councillors, two Labour councillors and one Liberal Democrat.

The declaration of results at Central Bedfordshire Council’s headquarters in Priory House, Chicksands, followed an election which saw 201 candidates standing for 59 seats.

photos: CBC website

In Dunstable, all the seats were won by Conservatives for Central Bedfordshire Council: John Chatterley (Icknield), Philip Crawley (Manshead), Eugene Ghent (Watling), Carole Hegley (Central), David McVicar (Icknield), Gladys Sanders (Northfields), Johnson Tamara (Northfields), Nigel Young (Watling).

For Dunstable Town Council, current mayor John Kane and deputy mayor Nigel Warren lost their seats. Labour took 3 seats, and the Local Brothers Listening To You 2 seats, the remaining 13 seats being won by Conservatives. 

Central Bedfordshire Council’s Chief Executive and Returning Officer, Richard Carr, welcomed the new Council. He said: "As well as congratulating our newly elected Members, I would also like to thank the hundreds of polling and count staff who have supported these elections. Our elections team have done a fantastic job."

Announcements about which councillors will take up different positions on Central Bedfordshire Council, including appointments to the Executive and the role of Council Chairman, will be made at the Annual Meeting, which will take place at Priory House on Thursday, 16 May, starting at 6.30pm.

Counting also took place yesterday (3 May) for town and parish councils in many areas across Central Bedfordshire. Of those, 67 were uncontested.

The elected Councillors for Dunstable Town are:
Sidney Abbott, Conservative - Icknield
Wendy Bater, Labour - Manshead
Matt  Brennan, Labour - Northfields
Lisa Bird, Conservative - Central
Mark Cant, Labour - Manshead
Alan Corkhill, Conservative - Northfields
Philip Crawley, Conservative - Manshead
Gregory George, Conservative - Central
Pamela Ghent, Conservative - Watling
Peter Hollick, Conservative - Watling
Liz Jones, Conservative - Watling
Kayson Gurney, Local Brothers Listening To You - Icknield
Kenson Gurney, Local Brothers Listening To You - Icknield
Gloria Martin, Conservative - Icknield
Cameron Restall, Conservative - Watling
Lee Roberts, Conservative - Central
Gladys Sanders, Conservative - Northfields
Johnson Tamara, Conservative - Northfields

The Gurney brothers posted on Facebook, "We would like to say a mega "thank you" to everyone who voted for us, and especially our absolutely fantastic team of local friends who helped leaflet for us, put up our posters and supported us every step of the way. "

The first town Council meeting is on Tuesday 7th May.

For the full election results for Central Bedfordshire, visit

For the full election results for town and Parish councils,
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