Dunstable Integrated Health and Care Hub – Public Consultation

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG)  has been working with local GP surgeries, Central Bedfordshire Council and other partners on plans for an integrated health and care Hub in Dunstable town centre. 

The Hub, which is proposed to be built on land behind GO Bowling, would provide extended care and support to the people of Dunstable and surrounding areas.

As the demand for health and care services increases, it is important to plan to meet these demands now and for the future. Health and care services need to work together in partnership to meet the needs of local people, with a focus on helping people to access a wider range of services in their local communities to support their wellbeing.

Some local GP surgeries, subject to an agreement, would relocate services to the proposed Hub.  BCCG will be writing to the households of patients registered with these practices.

The proposal is to move the following three GP practices into a new Hub.
• Dr Hassan and Partners, Priory Gardens
• Dr Quartly and Partners, West Street Surgery
• Dr O’Toole and Partners, Kirby Road

You can read more about the proposals here.

Paper copies of the consultation documents will also be made available at each of the surgeries and in other public locations in Dunstable, for those who do not wish to complete the questionnaire online.

BCCG would like to hear your views on a new integrated health and care Hub in Dunstable town centre. BCCG would like to understand any potential impacts of moving the three town centre practices into the hub and which additional services you would like to see delivered from the same location as GP services.

The consultation will remain open until Sunday 7 April 2019.

You can read more on the BCCG website and take their survey.

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