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Best Bar None 2018 - Eight Local Bars Looking For Your Votes!

The nominations are in, and now it's up to the voting public to select their local winner of the Best Bar None Awards 2018. Eight licensed premises across Dunstable and Houghton Regis have been accredited after entering this year’s Best Bar None awards . The awards are designed to help cut alcohol-related crime and disorder in the towns by recognising well-run pubs, bars and clubs. This year’s Best Bar None is the biggest so far, with a record number of pubs, bars and clubs entering. Judging is based on a venue’s ability to meet strict standards in areas around licensing, crime and disorder. Councillor Ian Dalgarno, Executive Member for Community Services at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “The Best Bar None Awards are a great way to recognise the efforts of pubs, bars and clubs who are working hard to make Dunstable and Houghton Regis an attractive place to enjoy a night out in. Not only do the awards recognise well-run venues, they also highlight areas where license

Feedback on Central Bedfordshire Council's Local Plan Was Up To 95% Negative

Guest Writers are Welcome on Dunstable News Desk Today, Commentary On Central Bedfordshire's Draft Local Plan by Adam Zerny,  Independent Central Bedfordshire Councillor Councillors voted on 26th April 2018 to approve the Draft Local Plan which will now be considered by an Independent Inspector. He will hold a public enquiry, likely to be in the early Autumn. If the inspector approves it, the Plan will then come back to CBC to be adopted, early in 2019.  The Local Plan includes proposals for new villages at Marston Vale (up to 5000 homes) and east of Biggleswade (around 1500 homes), as well as town extensions north of Luton (around 4000 homes) and east of Arlesey (around 2000 homes). There will also be some growth in existing towns and villages, but only where services can support it. Adam's comments below were published to his Facebook Page   prior to the 26th meeting.  The video of the meeting can be seen here . "Local P

Anastacia Truth - A Question On Windrush Nationals

Guest Writers are Welcome on Dunstable News Desk Today An Open letter from pen-name  Anastasia Truth to Andrew Selous, MP. Andrew will know her true identity. Dear Andrew Selous As a member of your constituency, I am writing to you about the ongoing plight of Commonwealth or “Windrush” nationals which has drawn stark attention to the Government’s cruel “hostile environment” policy. The policy, which bars migrants from accessing vital services including NHS treatment, banking and employment, is having a devastating impact on the lives of migrants and BME communities living in the UK. What’s more, the policy places responsibility for border enforcement on doctors, nurses, teachers and employers. All without evidence that the policy is working. The Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration recently highlighted the Home Office’s failure to properly monitor and evaluate the scheme, but his recommendations were ignored. JCWI’s “dossier of failure” also documents the Home Off

Vote Now! — Best Bar None — Dunstable and Houghton Regis

Best Bar None is all about making sure town centres are better, safer and more vibrant places to go out. You know if you are visiting an accredited venue then everyone there is working hard to make sure you are enjoying yourself, and importantly, that you are doing it in a safe environment. You can vote for your favourite drinking hole. All the venues that received Best Bar Non accreditation can be voted for, in this way you can show your support through the Peoples Vote. Vote online or vote in person at the venue before 7 May 2018. Voting closes on 7 May 2018. All these venues have achieved 'Best Bar None' status, demonstrating they are responsible businesses when it comes to serving alcohol in the community. The nominations are already in, and you can vote for: Club Cookies Creasey Park Community FC Gary Cooper (Wetherspoons) Grove Theatre The Old Sugar Loaf White Lion White Swan The Kings Arms (Houghton Regis) VOTE HERE Find out more abo
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