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Have Your Say on South West Bedfordshire Constituency Boundary Changes

Proposed Constituency Boundary Changes An 8-week consultation lasting until 11 December has begun. Under the Boundary Commission's proposals, South West Bedfordshire would be drastically changed. Dunstable and the villages in the south would be split. The Caddington CBC ward would be added to Luton South, and Houghton Regis would be put with Luton North. Aspley and Woburn, and Toddington wards would be added. The new constituency would have an electorate of 73,699 according to the Commission's data, compared to the current size and shape that has an electorate of 76,959. The new boundaries would only affect the MP you vote for. It would not affect who you pay your council tax to, or your address. ◘ One of the aims of the proposed changes is to even out the number of people in each constituency. ◘ The current 650 MPs would be reduced to 600. ◘ Among the proposals, Islington North represented by Jeremy Corbyn for 34 years, would disappear. And Boris Johnson's Uxbr

Dunstable Woman and Houghton Regis Man Fined For Fly-Tipping in Houghton High Street

The scene of regular fly-tipping as reported to Biffa in June 2017. Fly tippers caught in the act by CCTV Two fly tippers have been fined over £2,600 after both were caught on Central Bedfordshire Council's Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. Both offenders were caught in separate incidents involving fly tipping at the now-closed recycling area off of Houghton Regis High Street. The area had two signs stating fly-tipping is an offence and that CCTV was in operation. Both offenders attended Luton Magistrates Court earlier this week and both pleaded guilty to fly-tipping. On Sunday 11th June 2017, Amy Parker of 36 Union Street, Dunstable and her vehicle passenger were caught throwing items, including a TV, from her car onto the floor. Parker was fined £723, ordered to pay £100 towards prosecution costs and £38 victim surcharge, totalling £861. Michal Zareba, of 3 Alsop Close, Houghton Regis, was caught fly-t

Over 65 Or Pregnant? Or Have Children Aged 2-8? Be Sure To Get Your Free Flu Vaccine

Stay healthy this winter and make sure you get your flu vaccine early this year to avoid becoming ill. If you are aged 65 and over, pregnant, or have children aged 2-8, or suffer from a long-term condition, then you are eligible for a free flu vaccine this year. Ideally, it is advised that you get your flu vaccine before winter (in October and November) to get the maximum protection. From late September, the vaccine has been available and will be throughout the winter from various convenient locations such as your GP surgery or some community pharmacies (you do not need a referral from your doctor.) The vaccine will free to all eligible persons; bought privately they can cost up to £20. Dr. Annapurna Sen, from Central Bedfordshire Council's public health team, said: "The flu vaccine is one of the best protection against flu and its complications. The flu virus changes every year so it is important to get the updated flu vaccine every year to give you the best protection."