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Drovers Way 20mph Speed Signs Challenged - The complaint was not upheld

A member of the public has made a complaint to Central Bedfordshire Council about the signage on Drovers Way, Dunstable, indicating that there is a 20mph speed limit in place. The complainants concerns are in relation to clear visibility distance and the type of signage used. The complaint went through due process at Central Bedfordshire Council. At stage 1 of the complaint process it was acknowledged that the response given to a member of the public could have provided more detailed information to address  specific concerns and also that it contained an error referring to overhanging trees. The Highways Inspector for the area visited the site on the 6th of September and determined that the sign was not obscured and the tree branches did not meet intervention levels. Nevertheless, to avoid the situation worsening to that point, the Highways Inspector thought it would be helpful to trim the trees near the sign on Drovers Way and also those on Westfield Road. Stage 2 and Stag

Dunstable By-Election 14th September

Labour win Dunstable bye-election. EARLIER - A by-election will take place in Dunstable Northfields Ward for a vacancy on Dunstable Town Council on Thursday, 14th September. Labour, Liberal Democrats, and UKIP will field candidates. The vacancy arose after the resignation of a Conservative. The Conservatives, who currently hold two Central Bedfordshire Council seats for Northfields, have not fielded any replacement candidate for the by-election. The candidates are Anne Kennedy (Labour), Elaine Morgan (Liberal Democrats); Martin Young (UK Independence Party). Anne Kennedy, is the  Labour candidate. Anne was born in the ward in 1963 and remained a resident until her early 20’s, when she embarked on an exploration of other parts of the world. Anne later returned to the ward circa 2004 and briefly worked as a teacher at Northfields, now known as All Saints Academy upper school. A teacher, Anne has also worked as a police officer. Anne vows to campaign to ma

urgent - £50 Rewards For People To Take Part In Wheelchair Trials

  The research is assessing in detail how wheelchair users manage to transfer across small steps and gaps between a platform and a train. We'll be carrying this research out in a specialist research centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire between 15 September and 2 October 2017. The trials will be using a custom-built test rig to simulate a train and platform. This is a big ask! Due to the nature of the research, we need participants to attend 6 half day design workshops. We're offering £50 for each half day trial session and will cover all travel expenses. Therefore, the total for taking part in his project will be £300 plus travel expenses. We're looking for people who use the following types of wheelchairs: ·         Powered Wheelchairs ·         Self-propelled Wheelchair with small front casters (2-4 inches) ·         Self-propelled Wheelchair with large front casters (5-8 inches) ·         Attendant Wheelchair Of the six sessio