Pupils help to raise more than £3,000 for hospital children’s wards

Pupils from across Central Bedfordshire and Luton helped to raise more than £3,000 for sick children by taking part in a fundraising concert on Sunday.

A total of 217 youngsters from seven schools took part in Let Your Spirit Fly at the Grove Theatre, in Dunstable.

Billed as ‘children singing for children’, it was to raise funds for the children’s wards at Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

Thanks to an impressive 562 seats sold for the event as well as other fundraising efforts the event brought in more than £3,000.

The schools taking part were Hadrian Academy, Heathwood Lower School, Linslade Lower School and Tithe Farm Primary, from Central Bedfordshire, and Ferrars Junior School, Putteridge Primary School and St Matthew’s Primary School, from Luton.

Each school choir sang a couple of their favourite songs and they then joined together to sing the eponymous song Let Your Spirit Fly, which was specially written by local composer Richard Sisson, who also hosted the concert.

Susan Cox, Music Director of Inspiring Music, Central Bedfordshire’s music service, praised the children who took part in the event.

She said: “I was extremely grateful to all of the schools for so generously giving their time to support the fundraising concert. I know that it will make a big difference to other young people on the children’s wards at Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

“It was a joy to listen to all of the children sing and I felt very proud of every choir and choral director. I was very impressed with the commitment shown by everyone in the massed choir piece, particularly given the spread of ages tasked with learning such a challenging piece.”

Kerry Watson, Music Service Manager of Luton’s Music Service, said: “It was a pleasure to collaborate with the L&D Hospital and Inspiring Music to give the children of Luton and Central Bedfordshire the chance to sing in a venue and beautiful as The Grove Theatre.

“The sense of camaraderie and support amongst all of the children was wonderful to see and the standard of singing was extremely high. Thanks to everybody who organised the event and gave up their time to ensure that the hospital raised lots of money for such a worthy cause.”

Rachel Cowley, from the hospital’s fundraising team, thanked all the pupils for their lovely singing which has made such a difference to the children who are looked after on the children’s wards.

She said: “We are really grateful to everyone who supported this event and helped us to raise the amazing total of £3,000. This money will be used for different projects in the children’s wards, which include updating our child oncology rooms.”

For more information about musical opportunities for schools here, visit http://www.inspiringmusic.co.uk/schools/

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