£700 taken from ATM at Dunstable's Barclays Bank

Thieves struck at an ATM at Barclays Bank in Dunstable on Thursday lunchtime.

The couple were trying to get money from an ATM outside Barclays Bank, about 1pm, but their card was not returned.

Beverely said, "An Asian man came up to my husband and looked over his shoulder. My husband had a go at him, and the man then walked around the side of the Bank.  Another man then said to my husband that the machine was not giving money out, that it was swallowing the cards, and his was the third card it had done it to, and that he should go inside and tell them. As my husband could not get the card back he went inside to the bank. In the time it took to get to the counter and get the clerk to check machine, our card had gone, and our bank account was £700 lighter."

Beverely explained that they reported the incident to the police, and were inside the bank for over an hour talking to the fraud team. She said, "Barclays bank were very helpful, and did refund us."

  • Beware of people standing close to you while entering a PIN.
  • Always try to shield your hand while tapping on the number keypad. 
  • If there are too many people around before you use the ATM, or you feel unsafe, walk away.