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Ashton Middle School - Heritage Statement

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"Woolworths" Old Shop - Redevelopment Could Take Two Years

Building work has begun on the former Woolworths store in High Street South. Work could take a couple of years. The application by Blackstone Property Limited was to demolish the former building, and replace with retail space at ground floor, and 3 storeys of flats. In all 16 one bedroom flats, 10 two bedroom flats, 6 parking spaces, and a new retail area of 125 square metres will be provided. Click images to enlarge. Access gates will be provided onto Church Walk for the residents. One of the reasons the application took so long to be dealt with was that the CBC planning department had concerns with access to light. The application is CB/14/04720. The Design and Access statement is most useful All the other related documents

Weighty Problem On Zoo Keeper's Task List

Rockhopper penguin at Whipsnade Zoo Keepers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo have carried out a huge scale operation as they encouraged thousands of animals to step onto the scales for the Zoo’s annual weigh-in. As part of their regular check-ups, all creatures great and small - from giant beetles and plucky penguins to sprightly meerkats and gentile elephants - were enticed onto specialist scales of varying sizes in order for keepers to check their vital statistics. Sam gets measured Young Asian elephant calf, Sam, who will turn two years old in September, tipped the scales at an impressive 714kg, while the Hercules beetle – one of the world’s strongest insects and able to lift up to 850 times its own body weight – was recorded at 4.5g. Logging the statistics of the Zoo’s residents, many of them on the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species, is vital to ensure the health and wellbeing of each animal can be closely monitored by keepers throughout the year. The animals’ measurements

£700 taken from ATM at Dunstable's Barclays Bank

Thieves struck at an ATM at Barclays Bank in Dunstable on Thursday lunchtime. The couple were trying to get money from an ATM outside Barclays Bank, about 1pm, but their card was not returned. Beverely said, "An Asian man came up to my husband and looked over his shoulder. My husband had a go at him, and the man then walked around the side of the Bank.  Another man then said to my husband that the machine was not giving money out, that it was swallowing the cards, and his was the third card it had done it to, and that he should go inside and tell them. As my husband could not get the card back he went inside to the bank. In the time it took to get to the counter and get the clerk to check machine, our card had gone, and our bank account was £700 lighter." Beverely explained that they reported the incident to the police, and were inside the bank for over an hour talking to the fraud team. She said, "Barclays bank were very helpful, and did refund us." Bew

6,000 Speeding Tickets Issued in Dunstable's 20 Zone

A Freedom of Information request placed by Dunstable News Desk editor, Alan Winter, has revealed that since cameras were installed in Dunstable's 20mph zones, almost 6,000 tickets have been issued. Location and Number of Tickets* Drovers Way, towards Houghton Regis 1494 Drovers Way, towards West Street 2788 Langdale Road, outside the school 282 Lowther Road, towards Beech Road 124 Lowther Road, towards Langdale Road 631 Meadway, towards Canesworde Road 619 5814  tickets were issued in the three years the 20 mph zones have been active, between  July 2013, and the end of June 2016, all caught by speed cameras. The biggest numbers of tickets were to drivers travelling along Drovers Way towards West Street, and towards Houghton Regis. Although a large "20" sign is painted at the start of Brewers Hill leading into Drovers Way, there is no further large warning sign on that route. And no painted-on-road sign leading from West Street into Drovers Wa

Friends Leave Kind Tributes to Ethan and Family After Tragic Motor Vehicle Incident

Dozens of loving tributes have been left at All Saints Academy for Ethan, one of 4 Dunstable people who tragically lost their lives last week. Ethan, 13, his mother Tracy, 45, his brother Joshua, 11, and Tracy’s partner’s daughter Aimee Golding all died in a multi car pile-up on the A34 on Wednesday evening. Among the messages ... "... Will remember you and all of the good moments its not gonna be the same without you..." " ... one of the nicest boys I've ever met ..." "Ethan was a really nice person with a big heart, he was really funny ... " "...I can't believe your actually gone and left our world forever, you and your family will be missed so so so much..." "... he means so much to me I used to play dot to dot with his freckles... he would always make me smile, no one can replace him ..." "You're in my thoughts" "RIP Tracy, Ethan, Josh & Amy Thinking of you all and your family and

Big Concerns Over Parking On Ashton School Development Site

There was a strong turnout from the public at this evening's Plans sub-committee of Dunstable Town Council. 27 members of the public and 9 town councillors attended. Speaker after speaker complained about what they saw as woefully inadequate parking for the proposed number of homes on the former Ashton School Site, with grade 2 listed buildings. Weston Homes plc plan to build a mix of homes of various sizes on the site, as well as converting the main school buildings, that are to be retained, into apartments. Although the Town Council only comments on applications in its area, it is Central Bedfordshire Council that will decide the final outcome. Normal procedure of allowing members of the public to speak if they gave 3 days clear notice, was cast aside by the chair of the meeting, Cllr Liz Jones. Instead she proposed that members of the public could speak for a brief period; six people were permitted to speak. Public speaker one complained of the problem of parking

Latest Crime Figures for June 2016

New data for your area has been published on Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months: May 2016 June 2016 All crime 692 678 Anti-social behaviour 299 321

2016-July Archive of Dunstable News Desk Facebook Posts

New Plans For Converting Ashton Middle School into Homes Posted on 29/07/2016 . Served to 7787 unique users. Facebook Link A meeting of the Town Council's Planning Sub-committee takes place on Tuesday 19th. Plans to be considered are to do with householders applications and a couple of trees. Also included in the agenda pack are notices about how final decisions were handled by Central Bedfordshire Council. Note that the Asda petrol pump application was withdrawn. Agenda: Posted on 16/07/2016 . Served to 3927 unique users. Facebook Link M1 congestion today. Posted on 18/07/2016 . Served to 3211 unique users. Facebook Link A5 M1 Link Road Closures We will be closing Thorn Road from 6am Monday 25 July 2016 to 6am Monday 1 August 2016 to allow us to complete the tie-in works to the new roundabout from Thorn Road. Access to and from any properties on Thorn Road will be via the A5120 end