Where is the Brewers Hill Middle School Time Capsule?

Appeal for Whereabouts of the Beecroft Time Capsule

Letters to Dunstable News Desk

I am really desperately asking if someone can help with an appeal asking all teachers and staff from Brewers Hill Middle School, that used to be on Aldbanks in Dunstable, for help tracking a time capsule that was meant to have been buried around 1984-89. 

I have been eagerly waiting for the date the time capsule was meant to have been opened by children at Beecroft in the next 10ish years but then I discover the school is up for demolition (which actually took place last year).

I have been in touch with a fantastic group on Facebook and the person in charge of this group has been so helpful talking to old teachers and although they discovered the possible whereabouts of the time capsule when the workman doing the demolition looked it wasn’t there. I have contacted the council pleading for help to track the time capsule with no luck at all.

I have held onto the day of seeing something special, then my childhood best friend passed away and I was desperately trying to find the time capsule for her children to have something from their mum. I have been dreaming since childhood of this piece of paper. It truly does mean everything, not only to me but to plenty of others on the Brewers Hill Facebook Page who are trying to hunt this down. I cannot understand how something so precious can just disappear and cannot be found.

I am asking for any old teachers or staff from the ’80s for knowledge of the whereabouts or what happened to the time capsule.

Please please please help, I can not put into words just how precious this time capsule is to so many people.

I really can not put into words just how grateful we would be if we get to find the capsule as it makes no sense it literally has just disappeared.

Honestly cannot thank you enough for your time. Wishing you all the best. 
Kindest regards and deepest thanks,
From Mrs  S K.

Update on 3 May 2021 from the Facebook Group "Bye Bye Brewers Hill", “Unfortunately the time capsule could not be found before demolition started last year. We gave the council information on where it could have been placed so the contractors could retrieve it if it was found. However, we have not had any information to say that anything was found during demolition. It is such a shame.”