“Our Weedkiller is Weak” says CBC

Concern about the danger to wildlife and pets, imparticular to dogs, prompted us to ask Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) about their weedkilling chemicals.

A spokesman for CBC said, “Our duty as a local authority is to control weeds on public highways. Weed growth, if left unchecked on hard paved areas can result in potential damage to the road/footpath over time.

“Our grounds maintenance contractor uses a glyphosate-based herbicide to control weeds around street infrastructures such as lamp posts and road signs.  The concentration of this product is weak to ensure it does not harm wildlife, pets or anyone coming into contact with it.

“The use of active ingredients in herbicides is strictly regulated by the EU and this product has been approved for use in these environments. Our contractor’s staff are also fully trained to apply the product safely and without excess.”