Pollution in the Spotlight in East of England

A study measuring how much CO2 is produced by vehicles idling in England has found that Central Bedfordshire is only the third least polluting region in the East of England.

The study, completed by SaveOnEnergy.com * measured the average of hours of delay as well as the average kg of CO2 per vehicle across all local authority regions using data published by the central government. Using this data, the study found that the East of England region is the least polluting region, with Central Bedfordshire third across this area. 

Whilst the least polluting region overall is the East of England, Central Bedfordshire was 25th out of 159 local authorities across the whole of England. 

The research found that each driver in our region, on average, spends 5,056 hours stuck in traffic in their lifetime, resulting in 7,190 kg of CO2 emissions being emitted per vehicle – the same as 1,455 return trips from London to Melbourne in Australia.

In the East of England as a whole, Peterborough pollutes the least amount of CO2 due to delays. Residents in the local authority spend 3,903 hours being delayed by traffic in their lifetime, and so are accountable for just 5,639 kg of CO2 per car. Norfolk follows closely behind producing 48 kg more CO2 from being stuck in traffic for just over one day more (33 hours).

On the other hand, drivers in Southend-on-Sea spend almost three times longer in traffic than residents in Peterborough (11,414 hours), which means that each vehicle produces 16,490 kg of CO2 whilst being sat idle. Luton and Bedford also rank among the worst in the region, emitting 14,325 kg and 10,018 kg of CO2, respectively.

Cllr Steven Dixon, Executive Member for Sustainability and Transformation at Central Bedfordshire Council, said, “It’s fantastic to see that the air quality and environment within Central Bedfordshire is some of the cleanest within the East of England, as well the country overall. We recognise that there is still a lot to do so improving the health and wellbeing of our residents is one of our key priorities, and reducing pollution is one of the steps within our sustainability plan.”

* (Save on Energy makes money by working with trusted energy providers, who pay for referring customers)