Petitioners Call For Action Over Dog Poisonings

  • Petitioners are calling for action to stop dogs being poisoned at Totternhoe Knolls.

Bedfordshire Police  Rural Crime team is advising anyone walking their dogs in and around the Totternhoe Nature Reserve to be vigilant and keep dogs on leads. This comes after they received a report on 5 February that a dog had fallen ill and died after walking in this area.

Police say they are currently investigating the circumstances around this incident and do not wish to alarm anyone, but please ensure you have sight of your animals at all times on your walks and we would advise you to keep them on leads within this particular area for the moment.

If your dog does eat something whilst you are out and begins to become ill very quickly, please seek veterinary assistance urgently and report to the police via 101 or via the online reporting tool.

If you have any information that may assist Bedfordshire Police, or if you have any concerns, please contact the Rural Crime team on or you can report any suspicious behaviour  at 


Meanwhile petitioners have started an online petition:

"Over the last year at least ten dogs have died in this area under suspicious circumstances, some have confirmed to have been poisoned. We want signs put up around Green Lanes/Totternhoe Knolls area advising the public of the incidents and to seek veterinary help (and post mortems for any animals that die).

"We want the police to fund post mortems for any pet dogs, badgers and foxes found dead in this area to ascertain which poisons are being used and how often incidents are happening. We want every local veterinary practice to be briefed and to be regularly prviding the police with information on dogs poisoned after walking here.

"We want the issue to be investigated and perpetrators found and prosecuted. At least one dog has been poisoned with strychnine which was banned as a pest control agent in 2006.

Why is this important?

"Many local residents are worried by these incidents and many now feel unable to use this area (the largest accessible area of green space in North Dunstable) to exercise their dogs due to the risk. This will force more people to use other green spaces in Houghton Regis etc. It's not ideal in a pandemic to have to travel in the car to exercise dogs. There are at least ten dogs dead in the last year (and possibly many more, as many people didn't realise the frequency of the issue until last summer).

"We're deeply concerned by the ongoing nature of these incidents and worried about the safety of families and pets who use the area.

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