Luton Road, Dunstable: Councillors Approve Planning For New Industrial Units

Design and Access plan - click image to enlarge on the CBC Planning portal

A development of industrial units creating employment for up to 180 people together with two take-aways close to Luton Road's Lidl supermarket was this afternoon approved by CBC councillors. The site is designated as an employment site and has previously been used as such. 

The approval was in spite of an earlier petition.  Local ward CBC councillors, David McVicar and John Chatterley spoke against the proposals; they thought the development was an over-development of the area with the addition of the two take-aways, and had concerns for the outlook of the development for neighbours in the adjacent road. These Councillors and a member of the public addressing the meeting also had concerns about the air quality. 


Outline permission for housing was granted for the site in 2016. A spokesman for the developers told the meeting that there was no demand from housebuilders to build on that site and that was why they had come up with alternative uses. The developer also told the meeting that there was demand from operators of take-aways and these were not speculative offerings. Councillors queried why there had been no demand from housebuilders, but the spokesperson was unable to answer that specifically.

There were concerns relating to lorries already accessing the site, queuing for Amazon, and queries on how traffic to the two take-aways would be managed close to the existing traffic lights. 

On balance, and as the site had had previous industrial use, some councillors had concerns about defending a refusal if the application went to appeal. The majority of councillors on the Development Management Committee voted in favour of the development.

You can watch the proceedings starting at 2hrs:54m into the meeting (when reloaded to the CBC website). Item CB/19/01285/FULL (Dunstable Icknield):

Proposal: Revised Scheme: Development of the site to provide up to 11,850 sqm (GIA) of B8 employment floorspace with ancillary offices and areas for service yards, car parking, landscape and associated activities, and up to 350 sqm (GIA) for drive-through units within use class A1/A3/A5.