Dunstable Vaccination Centre Making Good Progress

South West Bedfordshire MP Andrew Selous visited Dr Paul Hassan at the Priory Gardens health centre yesterday to be updated on the progress of vaccinations. Afterwards, he said,

 “It was very good to see all the surgeries in the primary care network working so well together. By tomorrow they expect to have vaccinated all the over-80s and all care home residents and staff. It is not possible to vaccinate some care home residents who currently have COVID-19 according to clinical advice. 

“They are starting to vaccinate the over 75‘s. Some practices have managed to vaccinate all of their housebound patients, as well. I want to pay an enormous tribute to all the doctors, nurses and surgery staff who have worked so hard together to make this happen. It was so good to see the calm efficiency of the surgery and  the caring way in which everyone was being treated.”