Petitioners Aim to Stop Dunstable's New Health Hub

  • Passionate supporters of green space have started a petition protesting about a decision to build a new health hub and 98 accommodation units in three separate blocks on space near Go Bowling to the north east of Grove Theatre, in Dunstable.
Susie Carlino, who started the petition, told Dunstable News Desk today, “If you don’t have a garden then you need to go out to get some fresh air whoever you are! I have a dog so love my walks. I started this campaign after seeing how beautiful it was outside especially during the lockdown. 

“It is so precious, seeing so many families out walking and cycling. I had heard about the council wanting to build a hub a giant doctors surgery. But then in addition 3 tower blocks for the over 55’s.”

“Seeing this outdoor court being used by local people and just having to go out to stop going stir crazy. This free outdoor space and hillside is being used for a multitude of sports, training, disabled and dog training! 

“Please sign we need these outdoor spaces more than ever. This land is ours to use and not for the council to build on for free! It is the outdoor space for all the new developments in the area that don’t have any gardens, think about that.

“Also if you don’t give teenagers somewhere to hang out they will end up moving into the quadrant worrying old people.

“If you have not signed and shared please explain why? Soon there will be empty buildings available for redevelopment. This project should be at least put in hold until we are free from lockdown.”

Outlined in red - the site approved by CBC Development Control Committee

To sign the petition go to: Save our free outdoor spaces we need it now more than ever!