Crashed Car Burglar Sentenced to 4 years Imprisonment

  • A man who crashed a car in Kings Croft Avenue, Dunstable has been found guilty of burglary.

Bedfordshire Police's dedicated burglary team, Operation Maze, has put away a burglar for four years. 

Liam Moriarty, 26, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to burglary and driving offences following an incident in Melfort Drive, Linslade in August 2020.

In the early hours of 3 August, Moriarty broke into a property and stole a handbag and car keys to two Seat Ibizas parked in front of the house. The noise of the cars driving away woke up the occupants who called the police. Shortly after, an unmarked police vehicle spotted the stolen cars and followed them before activating blue lights.

Moriarty then sped off from the officers in one of the cars and was seen driving two times over the speed limit and the wrong way round the roundabout.

He then crashed the vehicle into a bollard in Kings Croft Avenue, Dunstable and tried to run from the officers on foot. A police officer attending deployed police dog Bruno who assisted in detaining Moriarty.

Both vehicles were recovered later that day.

He was sentenced on 7 October in Luton Crown Court to four-years imprisonment and was disqualified from driving for three years.

Detective Constable Jason Wheeler, from the Operation Maze team, said: “He is a career criminal who attempted to take advantage of other people for his personal gain.

“We are satisfied with the lengthy prison sentence this man will have away from our communities and will continue to target burglars in Bedfordshire.

“I would also like to remind our residents to make sure you double-lock your doors. Additionally, make sure you keep your valuables out of sight as they can attract burglars to your home.

“This is especially important during wintertime when days are shorter and criminals can act under the cover of the night.”

Visit Bedfordshire Police force website for more advice on home and vehicle security.