Volunteers Begin Work to Clear Pathways

Undeterred by a damp and dismal Wednesday morning 15 path maintenance volunteers (PMVs) braved the elements to clear path KN 16 and erect 3 waymarker posts on KN 8 in Kensworth / Whipsnade Heath area for Central Bedfordshire.

The PMVs cutaway overhanging vegetation from KN 16 using the arisings to block gaps in the hedge which had previously allowed unwanted bikers to stray onto adjacent arable farmland.

Led by David and Douglas, Jonathan, Chris, Ian, Colin, Phil P, Quentin, Linda, Mike, Hilary, Yvette, Martin, Alistair and Phil A successfully completed the work session to the satisfaction of Robin Richardson the Central Bedfordshire Rights of Way Officer.

Special thanks go to Chris who manned the pole pruning saw all session cutting down the higher level growth and to Jonathan who had used his engineering skills and had come up with a device to hold WMP's upright when installing whilst maintaining safe social distancing.  Thanks also to the tool and transport men, David and Phil. 

Despite the deteriorating and soggy conditions all PMV's very much enjoyed this second successful outing since returning to work after C19 lockdown.

Their next work session is scheduled for Wednesday, 2 September 2020.

If you'd like to get involved with the Path Clearance Volunteers visit their website at


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