Regent Street Development Allowed Despite Conservation Area Status

Planning permission has been granted to convert an existing outbuilding including an extension in Regent Street, Dunstable. The conversion will provide 2 bed and breakfast rooms at the location.

A previous application on the site was refused on the basis of its scale and detailing, which was considered to fail to preserve and enhance the character of the Dunstable Conservation Area.

The amended application reduced the scale of the proposed roof and extension alterations. The number of windows was reduced and additional traditional arched brick lintel detailing was added. The revised plans also clarified that the windows are to be painted timber. Lintels are to be retained above the blocked up side doors and the extended building is to be painted brick to match the existing. In addition, the retained part of the existing wall would only have a single door as existing to ensure that is appearance is maintained.  The Conservation Officer considered that the changes to the previous application were now acceptable, subject to conditions. 

Dunstable Town Council considered that the proposal would result in an overdevelopment, an opinion not shared by the planning officer at Central Bedfordshire Council.

Approval for the application was given on 4th August 2020. Developments of this nature should normally begin within three years of permission being granted. A number of conditions were imposed upon the permission.