Lady Spends 4 Hours Tidying Up Sainsbury Bottle Banks

A local woman has spent four hours popping bottles into bottle banks as she felt sorry for the workers who would have had to do this. And She posted to her local community to raise awareness.

Before Magdalena started

Bottle banks at Sainsbury car park Dunstable were full and overflowing. And more and more bottles were piling up beside the bins inside plastic bags. And although the recycling bins had been emptied, the ones in the bags were left remaining on the tarmac beside the bins.

Sainsbury employs a private waste contractor; it is not the responsibility of a council. The Sainsbury press Office told DND, “We are working to clear the area as soon as possible and are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

In Magdelena's post she wrote,
“ Today went to bin few bottles.. And saw this by Sainsburys
All bins were empty but people were leaving everything on the side :(
I've decided to put every single bottle to the bin, to help people who coming to collect bins as i felt very sorry for this worker.
I thought to post this to increase awareness. I know it is easy to leave bag of bottles/jars and just go.. However someone would have later  hours of job to clear it. Bins were empty... Why don't put them inside a bin? For me took 4 hours to do it myself, it would be easier if everyone would clear few bottles
Please don't ignore if you see”

After Magdalena's efforts
Central Beds Council Waste Services Glass Recycling points. Lids may be left on bottles and jars, as these are recycled during the process.

Grove House Gardens
High Street North

Ashton Square car park
West Street

Poynters Arms public house
Poynters Road

Council offices
Westfield Road

Shopping precinct
Mayfield Road


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