Dunstable CBC Councillors Support Good Causes

Community grants

Each Central Bedfordshire Councillor has had access to £2,000 from which they can allocate grants to local projects that demonstrate a community benefit. Councillors could also work together across a ward to combine their grants, if that’s what was most needed. Some wards have more needs or more groups or more organisations than others, so funds allocated across the authority area will vary.

In order to qualify for cultural, environmental, sporting or social projects, the applicants had to have match funding.

In Dunstable, the following councillor awards have been announced:

Councillor Hegley
Organisation: ArtSpa
Purpose of grant: To support the initiative to purchase art equipment.
Amount: £500

Councillor Chatterley
Organisation: Hadrian Academy
Purpose of grant: Contribution towards putting together a timeline
Amount: £870pm

Councillor Crawley
Organisation: St. Augustine’s Church
Purpose of grant: Contribution towards a new oven to serve the local community
Amount: £1,934

Councillor Sanders
Organisation: Ringcraft Boxing Gym
Purpose of grant: Contribution towards the purchase of new boxing equipment
Amount: £1,500
Organisation: Westfield Nursery
Purpose of grant: Towards outdoor play equipment
Amount: £492.57

How other councillors gave grants can be explored on the profiles of each councillor starting here.

Source:CBC website.

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