Anti-climb Paint To Ward off Intruders at Brewers Hill School

A live-in property guardian at the former Brewers Hill Middle School has notified that due to a number of break-ins anti-climb paint has been put on top of gates and fences.

He wrote on social media, “I've been here for three years and help people around the area as much as I can, however, we have had a number of break-ins over the years.  Usually, it's kids running around the grounds with the odd brick through windows, sometimes they try to get into the building.

“Naturally, there are very dangerous areas of the building, tall buildings to fall off as well as intruding on our living space. Since last year, we have had anti-climb paint on the top of the gates/fence so if your child comes home with horrid black stuff on their hands/clothes, you may have some idea of where they've been.”

Property guardians legally live in disused properties such as schools, hotels, and care homes to stop squatters and vandalism.  Guardians may be given a month's notice at any time to leave.


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