Path Volunteers Improve Paths Around Chaul End

The NCPMV applied their energies to clearance and improvements to the bridleway and paths at Chaul End, on the Downs, near Caddington.

Chaul End is a challenging site, with steep and slippery slopes, archaeological terracing, and high-level views over the adjacent urban area. It is the beginning of the Dunstable Downs hill range, rising steeply up from Luton and Dunstable, and a little-visited part of the Chilterns.

No less than 19 volunteers took on the challenge of installing 6 waymarkers and clearing dense overgrowth on the bridleway and other paths. The volunteers were Phil and David (tools), Ron, Alistair, Martin, Yvette, Hilary,  Susan, John J, Geoff, Les, Jonathan R, Jonathan W, John S, Chris, Simon and Quentin and Linda who provided a splendid refreshment service, which was much valued by all, and led on the day by Douglas.

Numerous informal paths have developed over the years, and the official bridle path impassable with overgrowth. The large quantity of cut down material was used to close off effectively many of these unofficial paths.

The work party adjourned for lunch at the Chequers in Caddington, which offered a large menu and decent service. A useful starting point for those wanting to explore this area, now we are sorting the paths.

A return visit is planned on 19 February to finalise the bridleway and to remove more of the accumulated litter.

Report by Les Mosco, Chiltern Society North Chilterns Path Maintenance Volunteers
Paths around Chaul End.


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