Find out more for plans for site behind GO Bowling in Dunstable

Central Bedfordshire Council will shortly submit a planning application for the site behind GO Bowling, off Court Drive in Dunstable, and will share its plans at a drop-in information event on Friday, 28 February.

The plans, drawn up by Wilmott Dixon, include apartments for older people and an integrated health hub, which will bring together health and care professionals including doctors, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and providers of other health and care services.

The free drop-in event will be held at Dunstable library from 12-7pm on Friday, 28 February and information will also be online at

Cllr Hegley, Executive Member for Adults, Social Care and Housing Operations (HRA) and Customer Services, said: “Alongside the Hub, we’re proposing some housing for older people. These will be apartments, which will be for older people looking to perhaps move out of a house that is a bit too big to manage and to be right in the centre of Dunstable.”

Cllr Stock, Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing and Communities, explained: “The whole development will provide much needed housing and a building for health and care services, enabling more joined up care and bringing a wide range of services closer to people.”

The Hub is expected to host a mixture of GP services, and other medical services; Children’s Services; social care and support; wellbeing and community mental health services; public health and prevention; voluntary and carer support and it could also include a pharmacy and café.

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group – which is the NHS organisation responsible for planning, organising and buying NHS-funded healthcare for the people who live in Central Bedfordshire – did a consultation last year about an integrated hub in Dunstable, which has been used in developing the proposals.

Cllr Ghent, Executive Member for Assets and Housing Delivery, explained: “Along with the designers, we will be able to share drawings of the site and the outside of the buildings and there will be members of the team on hand to answer questions about the site. If you can’t come along, then you can still sign up for dedicated email alerts to find out more about how the development is progressing or visit the dedicated webpages.”

Public commentators on Dunstable News Desk Facebook Page have criticised the scheme.

Nathan Nate Nate Smith wrote sarcastically, “Sounds like a fantastic idea I mean it's not like we need the green space anyway I'm surprised it's only taking this space. Central Bedfordshire Council there is still green space on Blows Downs and Dunstable Downs that you can take away from us, maybe you can build some flats on Bennets Recreation Ground too just a thought, or maybe use all this extra money you are thinking of wasting in things that actually matter, anything to utilise our green spaces and put more revenue into your pockets. I'm sorry but this was once a great town but due to the council not stepping in and assisting small business we have more empty units in the town centre that need filling first”

Lolly Blumenthal was equally sceptical, adding, “So I take it the Astro pitches etc and the car park at the rear of go bowling are staying. As of course the multi million pound leisure centre has adequate parking. Plus all the parking needed for each set of doctors in the hub. Plus sparking for all the other services. And that’s just staff not patrons. Oh and the housing that will be going up round there. It’s not like they ever plan parking correctly. I mean try driving round any of the new builds once people are in.”

Jane Doyle Hammond was concerned about parking, “Parking will be horrendous. Ill people or those with mobility issues will have a fair walk from the bus stops.”

Chris Young was concerned about the concentration of doctors in one place, “ No! Everyone trying to get to one place for Doctors? Stupid! Of course parking will NOT be free! We will all lose the personal touch of our our surgeries and from what I remember, most people said NO last time, so why are our councillors yet again ignoring us!!!”

On News Desk Bus Group, Alan Winter wondered, “If this is going ahead, how about a dedicated bus stop adjacent to the site, on the busway?”

Simon Hill on Luton Developments Facebook Page wrote, “Weird how we all complain about lack of doctors/health services yet a lot of the comments are focused negatively on what sounds like a lack of parking. Maybe I'm missing something as I'm not from the area?”

Trevor Denton on About Dunstable Facebook Page also had concerns for parking and suggested, “Dump the trees and grass and make it all parking”

Roberta Carr on About Dunstable Facebook Page was worried about car fumes in Dunstable town centre, “CBC state the hub is what ‘they’ want. Do residents want their GP moved to the town centre so they can choke on fumes when they are ill or push a buggy with a sick child through the pollution of traffic while drivers search a space? What is the choice for council tax paying residents who want to go elsewhere more local?”

Jo Valentine on About Dunstable Facebook Page put some thought into it writing, “Build a super hub, not a bad idea in theory. In practice how will you go about getting there? Bus doesn't go to door and as we know many attendees will not be able to walk far. If you are expected to use the car park behind go bowling what measures are put in place so that you do not have to folk out for carpark fees? Because we all know for varying reasons there is usually a delay and can have appointments over run by an hour or more at times, there should be a computer screen in reception or receptionist should take your number plate details as you arrive and put in systems so don't have to pay parking to attend medical hub.”

For details of the event and more information about the proposals, visit


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