Volunteer Team of 24 Tackle Ashridge Paths

A record turnout of 24 volunteers turned out for a path clearance session in Ashridge, off Toms Hill, Aldbury earlier today.

On a lovely sunny autumnal day the colours were in full glory. The volunteers were also joined by Helen McSwiggan, the Chiltern Society’s Membership Administrator, getting a taste of what volunteers and members get up to. Chiltern Society footpath monitors in this area helped guide the volunteers to the correct paths.

The volunteers were provided with cake and refreshments.

The work was mainly identifying and clearing the official paths, to encourage users onto them rather than the many unofficial tracks which have developed in this very popular walking and cycling area. Many paths were obscured by trees, bracken and fern growth so that their lines were indistinct. So mowing, lopping, brush cutting and sawing helped make the official paths much clearer. A couple of waymarker posts were also installed, several others were cleared of vegetation. Going forward, the next job will be to place a few more waymarker posts. Today paths AB 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 34, 35, 37 were cleared; a complex maze made more difficult by leaves obscuring the paths and the numerous unofficial tracks. But a good days work, all opened up including some which were completely unfathomable beforehand.

A meal was later had at the Valliant Trooper, Aldbury 

A return visit will be made on 20th November, to complete the clearance task and install some waymarkers to encourage the use of the correct paths. If you are interested in joining the North Chilterns Path Clearance group of the Chilterns Society, please contact Les Mosco on 07799718283 and let him know of your level of experience; they can't be hand-holding too many newcomers at a time, although new people are always welcome. Equipment is provided and you will be notified of future volunteering events.

Photos: stock pictures of Ashridge by Alan Winter / Dunstable News Desk


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