Operation Thunderball 2019

Beds Police Rural who support UK BORDER FORCE with the annual Operation to tackle illegal wildlife crime have received the update that this year's Operation Thunderball resulted in the following seizures within the UK:

4959 seizures of cactus extract
103 Live orchid plants
1 seizure of python skin boots
10 tanned full crocodile skins
Crocodile skin wallets x 2 and belts x 2
Alligator watch strap
900 tablets containing Hoodia
240 black ant tablets
4 Beard kits containing Aloe andongensis weighing over 750kg
500 juvenile crested gecko’s – these were seized and released upon payment of a fine for not completing an import notification
6 rosewood guitars / parts
2 seizures of American ginseng
3 Agarwood seizure
1 Saussurea costus
28 bird eggs – seized due to being miss described – species not known.
100 capsules of crocodile blood
2 cycad bulbs
90ml of hair product containing caviar
1 framed butterfly
6 cactus plants
360 tablets containing Gastrodia elata
4 ivory items containing, chopsticks, binoculars, puzzle ball and a tea / coffee pot


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