More Councillors Likely to Be Needed in Central Bedfordshire

At a CBC meeting on 9 September, a committee will look at proposals to increase the number of CBC councillors by 4 to 63.

A report to the meeting says that this is needed due to the growing size of the population (8% growth forecast) and the impact this has on individual casework, as well as the workload of councillors attending meetings.

The move would not be implemented until 2023, according to a schedule provided, and would have cost implications of additional basic allowances: £10,995.60 x 4 = £43,982 per year, plus additional ICT allowances: £1,050 x 4 = £4,200 per year.

Prior to 2009 Bedfordshire was represented by 136 Members under the former mid-Bedfordshire and south-Bedfordshire authorities.  In 2009-10  the council size reduced from 66 to 59 elected Members.

Report and Agenda: download


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