Builder Donates Defibrillator to Campaigning Mum

Local builder Bellway has donated a potentially life-saving defibrillator to a campaigning Buckinghamshire mum-of-four who saved her own husband’s life with a defibrillator.

Bellway – which is building new homes at The Grange in Edlesborough – gave the ‘heart re-start’ equipment, worth around £1,000, to village mum Nicky Lack (41), who says it will be placed in the neighbouring village of Dagnall.

Nicky is looking to raise money for a series of defibrillators around her part of Buckinghamshire.

She said: “Every community should have a nearby defibrillator. The first three or four minutes after a cardiac arrest are critical.

“I approached Bellway to see if they could give a donation to our campaign, and they paid for a complete defibrillator. I’m entirely grateful to them. One day this defibrillator will save someone’s life.”

Lindsey Davenport, Sales Manager for Bellway Northern Home Counties, said: “We’re always keen to help the communities in which we build.

“So, when Nicky approached us, we said ‘yes’ immediately, particularly because as a company we’re a big believer in defibrillators, which we have on many of our own sites.”

Last September Nicky saved husband Michael’s life when he had a cardiac arrest at home whilst watching television. He was just 38 at the time, and physically fit.

Nicky said: “I heard my daughter saying, ‘Daddy, are you sleeping?’ and realised what had happened straight away.

“I knew because a year before that I had trained as a voluntary Community First Responder (CFR) for the South Central Ambulance Service. I actually had a defibrillator in the car.

“I went into CFR mode straight away. I was desperately begging him not to leave me. I just did my best and kept him alive with the defibrillator until Thames Valley Air Ambulance got here and took over.”

Michael made a good recovery, and now runs his own bath products business – Bombsy UK – from home.

It’s still not clear why his heart suddenly stopped, but an implant can now restart his heart when it stops again.

Nicky saved her husband’s life with a handy defibrillator. “If I hadn’t had a defibrillator in my car, we wouldn’t have him here today,” she said.

Bellway is building two, three, four and five-bedroom homes at The Grange at Edlesborough, with prices starting from £454,995. For more information, visit

Jennifer Hickey, Bellway Sales Manager with Nicky and Michael Lack


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