Totternhoe Lime Works Investigated Following Petition

A petition signed by 253 petitioners concerning waste processing at Totternhoe Lime Works was discussed at an Executive Committee of Central Bedfordshire Council in June.

The draft minutes of the meeting, due to be presented on 20 August say the company was operating lawfully.

 "Councillor  Spicer  presented  a  petition,  on behalf of the lead petitioner,  about  public health  concerns  due to  recycling  operations  in  Totternhoe.    The  petition  contained  253 signatures.    Councillor  Spicer  explained  that  residents  were  concerned  about  the volumes  of  plasterboard  and  the  extraction  of  gypsum  taking  place  at  the  Lime  Works in  Totternhoe.    There  were  deliveries  from  foreign  number-plated  heavy  vehicles  with containers  arriving  daily.    There  was  also  concern  that  this  material  was  being  sourced from  outside  of  the  controls  of  the  European  Union  and  finding  its  way  into  the  waste processed in Totternhoe.

The  Executive  Member  for  Community  Services  advised  that  a  multi-agency  meeting had  taken  place  in  March  to  discuss  the  Lime  Works.   The  site  was  licensed  and managed  by  the  Environment  Agency.    The  Council  was  working  closely  with  the Environment  Agency  and  the  owners/leaseholders  of  the  sites  at  Totternhoe  Quarry and  the  Lime  Works  to  improve  the  position.   The  operators  had  carried  out  repairs  to the  processing  building  and  improved  their  processes  to help  minimise  the  dust coming  from  the  site.  This  included  employing  a  road  sweeper  to  keep  the  roads  clear.   Checks had been made and the business was operating lawfully.  "

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