Summary of findings from Public Consultation for Dunstable Integrated Health and Care Hub

Dunstable Integrated Health and Care Hub

Summary of findings from the public consultation


From 8 February 2019 to 7 April 2019, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) conducted a public consultation to understand patients’ views ahead of the plans for an Integrated Health and Care Hub being developed in Dunstable.

Bedfordshire CCG is working in partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council and local GP practices on proposals for an integrated health and care Hub in Dunstable. The proposed Hub is part of an overall approach to delivering better care for local people through more joined-up working. The range of services expected to be delivered from the Hub would provide more integrated care across primary care (GP practices), mental health, community health and social care, for all ages. Three GP practices have shown an interest in moving into a new Hub, these are; Dr Hassan and Partners from Priory Gardens, Dr Quartly and Partners from West Street Surgery and Dr O’Toole and Partners from Kirby Road.

During the consultation period, we attended a number of local groups, held drop-in events at local supermarkets and held two patient events engaging directly with approximately 655 members of the public. The survey was available online and in print format from GP surgeries and community locations, as well as on request from Bedfordshire CCG. We received 1,045 responses to the consultation.

Key findings

Aims of the integrated health and care Hub
A high number of respondents ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ with the aims of the Hub proposal. 78.67% of all respondents with the aim to extend the services available to patients, 71.42% with bringing community, mental health and social care closer together, 70.13% with the aim to improve health and wellbeing by joined-up working across services.

The aim to provide space for GP services to grow, take on more patients and extend opening times received lower levels of approval with 69.44% strongly agreeing or agreeing with this aim, 21.29% strongly disagreed or disagreed and 9.28% neither agreed or disagreed.

Services to be delivered

When asked what services they would like to see delivered from the same location as GP
services, the following services ranked the highest amongst all respondents:
• Extended minor surgery (821 respondents, 83.60%)
• Services to support people with long-term conditions (797 respondents, 81.16%)
• Community health services (776 respondents, 79.02%)
• Services to support older people (758 respondents, 77.19%)

When asked if there would be benefits of having health and social care services in the same facility 78.14% (790) of all respondents said ‘Yes’ and 21.86% (221) of all respondents answered ‘No’.

Current and future modes of transport

Respondents from the three named practices currently access their surgery by car (63.61%) and on foot (51.62%), with 9.40% travelling by bus and 5.08% by taxi.

When all respondents were asked how they would access the new hub location the highest
responses were;
• By car (71.69%)
• On foot (30.14%)
• By bus (15.46%)
• Taxi (9.66%).

The proposed location and the potential impact of the location / other impacts that need
to be considered

Respondents were asked to consider the impacts to them of the proposed location-based on the distance to travel, cost of travel and convenience of the proposed location.

When looking at all responses 56.74% said they would be positively impacted or not impacted by the distance to the proposed location 43.27% said they would be negatively impacted. A higher percentage of 64.49% felt that they would be positively impacted or not impacted by the cost of travelling to the new Hub location, 35.51% felt they would be negatively impacted. When considering the convenience of the location 51.19% of all respondents felt they would be positively impacted or there would be no impact, 48.81% felt they would be negatively impacted.

Respondents were asked to provide details of other impacts they felt should be considered, key themes that arose in this question were;
• Access to the proposed location
• Concerns around congestion in the area
• Availability of parking for staff and patients
• Improving access to appointments
• Building design and staffing of the new facility

In a separate question, respondents were asked if there was anything else that should be considered, suggestions were wide-ranging, however, the following themes emerged;
• Availability of parking
• Accessibility of the proposed location by public transport
• Congestion in the area near the proposed location
• The range of services available, including extended access services
• Staffing levels and continuity of staff
• Availability of appointments

Next steps

The results of this consultation will be considered by Bedfordshire CCG, Central Bedfordshire Council, GP practices and other healthcare providers, to ensure that patient and resident feedback is fully considered before the proposals for Dunstable are developed further.

Source: The full report of findings is available on Bedfordshire CCG’s website, it can be viewed by
following this link.

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