EDUCATION - Party Manifesto's 2017

#GE2017 Let's look at Education, and the parties manifesto's, what are they saying, why are they saying it, and what's in store for us depending on who we vote for?


"There are still 1 million children in primary and secondary schools rated by Ofsted as ’requires improvement’ or ’inadequate’. "
"We will deliver more good school places, ending the ban on selective schools and asking universities and independent schools to help run state schools."
"Thanks to our school reforms– such as the establishment of free schools and academies, and changes to ensure a rigorous curriculum – there are more good and outstanding schools today than ever before. There are now more than 1.8 million more children in schools rated good and outstanding than in 2010."
"The proportion of pupils taking core academic subjects at GCSE has almost doubled."
"A Conservative government will strengthen the teaching of literacy and numeracy in the early years so that all pupils – regardless of background – get the best possible start in life. "
"We will continue with our programme of free schools, building at least a hundred new free schools a year. "
"We will prohibit councils from creating any new places in schools that have been rated either ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ by Ofsted."
" We will replace the unfair and ineffective inclusivity rules that prevent the establishment of new Roman Catholic schools, instead requiring new faith schools to prove that parents of other faiths and none would be prepared to send their children to that school."
"We will bear down on unnecessary paperwork and the burden of Ofsted inspections. "
" We will be clear at the outset that we will never introduce a mandatory lottery-based school admissions policy."
"We will build on the success of the phonics screening test. We will expect every 11-year old to know their times tables off by heart. "
πŸ’·"We will increase the overall schools budget by £4 billion by 2022"
"We will continue to protect the Pupil Premium to support those who need it."
🍽 "We do not believe that giving school lunches to all children free of charge for the first three years of primary school – regardless of the income of their parents – is a sensible use of public money. "
"We will introduce, this year, thirty hours of free childcare for three and four-year-olds for working parents who find it difficult to manage the costs of childcare"
" We will introduce a presumption that all new primary schools should include a nursery"
"We will introduce mental health first aid training for teachers in every primary and secondary school by the end of the parliament and ensure that every school has a single point of contact with mental health services."
" We will reform Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services so that children with serious conditions are seen within an appropriate timeframe and no child has to leave their local area and their family to receive normal treatment."
"We will review support for Children in Need to understand why their outcomes are so poor."
"We will create new ’schools maps’ to help parents choose the school that is right for their child"


"Ensure that all front-line public service professionals, including in schools and universities, receive better training in mental health"
"Schools should be free to encourage children to participate in a truly rounded curriculum including the arts, sport and culture that broaden children’s learning and develop their passion for education."
πŸ’·"We will invest nearly £7 billion extra in our children’s education – increasing school budgets and the Pupil Premium to protect against rising costs and pupil numbers, and introducing a fairer national funding formula."
πŸ’·"We will invest in high-quality early years education, tripling the Early Years Pupil Premium to £1,000."
"We will oppose any new selective schools and giving local authorities proper democratic control over admissions and new schools."
"We will reverse all cuts to front-line school and college budgets, protecting per-pupil funding in real terms."
"We will introduce a fairer national funding system with a protection for all schools, so that no school loses money."
"We will protect the Pupil Premium which targets extra help at disadvantaged children."
"We will raise the quality of early years provision and aim for every formal early years setting to employ at least one person who holds an early years teacher qualification by 2022. "
"We will end the 1% cap on teachers’ pay rises."
"We will guarantee that all teachers in state-funded schools will be fully qualified or working towards qualified teacher status (QTS) from January 2019."
"We will introduce a clear and properly funded entitlement to genuinely high-quality professional development for all teachers – 25 hours per year by 2020, rising to the OECD average of 50 hours by 2025."
"We will support proper long-term planning of initial teacher training places, prioritising close partnerships with higher education and specialist routes such as Teach First in order to recruit the highest-quality teachers in shortage areas such as science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths.
"We will tackle unnecessary teacher workloads, including by establishing an independent Education Standards Authority to pilot, phase in and resource future policy changes in consultation with professionals and experts."
"We will reform Ofsted inspections so that they include a focus on longer-term outcomes and sustainable improvement as well as teacher workload, sickness and retention."
"We will support the establishment of a new, independent Foundation for Leadership in Education, working under the umbrella of the Chartered College of Teaching, to promote high-quality, evidence-based leadership and help the best leaders into the most challenging schools."
"We will continue to work with the Education Endowment Foundation to establish a comprehensive evidence base on what works in teaching."
"We will give democratically accountable local authorities clear responsibility for local school places planning and repeal the rule that all new state-funded schools must be free schools or academies. We will encourage local head teachers
with a strong record to play a key role in school improvement, working with schools and local authorities.
"We will scrap the planned expansion of grammar schools and devolve all capital monies for new school spaces to local authorities."
"We will allow Ofsted to inspect both local authorities and academy chains."
"We will rule out state-funded profit-making schools and ensure that new schools are built in areas where there is a need for new school places, instead of wasting money on oversupply."
"We will ensure that identification and support for special educational needs and disabilities takes place as early as possible. All new policies should have an assessment of how they affect pupils who have special educational needs, and ensure they adhere to duties under the Equality Act"
🍽"We will  extend free school meals to all children in primary education and promote school breakfast clubs"
"We will establish a new online Family University, supported by leading organisations such as the BBC and Open University, to provide every family with advice and guidance for learning and parenting at home, as well as inspiring trips out and local opportunities."


"roll out educational provision for early years children"
" will not waste money on inefficient free schools and the Conservatives’ grammar schools"
" does not want a return to secondary moderns."
"We will  oppose any attempt to force schools to become academies. "
"We will make sure schools are properly resourced  ensuring that all schools have the resources they need."
"We will introduce a fairer funding formula that leaves no school worse off."
"We will redress the historical underfunding of certain schools"
"We  will also invest in new school buildings, including the phased removal of asbestos from existing schools"
"We trust in teachers and support staff professionalism to refocus their workload on what happens in the classroom."
"...  simplify the admissions process for parents and to ensure that no child slips through the net."
"we will reduce class sizes to less than 30 for all five, six, and seven year-olds."
🍽 "we will introduce free school meals for all primary school children"
"We will abandon plans to reintroduce baseline assessments"
"We will tackle the teacher recruitment and retention crisis by ending the public-sector pay cap"
"We will scrap the plans for schools to pay the apprenticeship levy."
"We will extend schools-based counselling to all schools to improve children’s mental health."
"We will ensure that access to a counselling service is available for all children in secondary schools."
"We will deliver a strategy for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) based on inclusivity"
"Labour would abandon Conservative plans to once again reinvent the wheel by building new technical colleges, redirecting the money to increase teacher numbers in the FE sector."
"remove the VAT exemption on private school fees."
"We will reintroduce the Schools Support Staff Negotiating Body and national pay settlements for teachers. "
"We will increase the number of health visitors and school nurses."
πŸ’·"will introduce an arts pupil premium to every primary school in England – a £160 million annual per year boost for schools to invest in projects that will support cultural activities for schools over the longer term."


"We will properly fund our schools so real term spending per pupil increases and is protected."
"Bring Academies and Free Schools into the local authority system, abolish SATS and reduce class sizes."
"Scrap university tuition fees, fund full student grants and greater public investment in further and higher education."
"Restore Education Maintenance Allowance and enable apprenticeships to all qualified young people aged 16-25."
"Free universal early education and childcare for all children, with formal education starting at age 7."
"Address the crisis of teacher workload, with measures such as abolishing Ofsted, and reforming the curriculum so that it is pupil-centred, freeing up teachers to teach."
"Ensuring that every child with Special Educational Needs or Disability has access to a mainstream education, in accordance with the UN Convention for Persons with Disabilities."