TWO Dunstable Town Councillors Resign

TWO councillors are now known to have resigned from Dunstable Town Council Northfields Ward. Julia Harnett and Gemma le Surf are the ones to have resigned.

The ward includes the likes of Suncote Avenue, Drovers Way, Beecroft, Ashton Road.

In order for an election to be called TEN electors of the ward need to complete a petition form (model form see below), otherwise the remaining councillors will be free to co-opt people of their own choosing.

There is no requirement for political parties to be the only ones standing for elections. So long as you live or work in Dunstable, or live within 3 miles of Dunstable, or have property in the town, then you have a legitimate reason to stand.

Once the pro-forma petition below is completed by people living in Northfields ward, it can be sent to Brian Dunleavy at the address shown, and then you will be sent further information.

For an area map of the ward see